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Johnnie Walker Blue Room

An Australia first, Activation Union in collaboration with Johnnie Walker delivered  a luxury retail whisky experience – the Johnnie Walker Blue Room. Situated in the heart of Sydney and Australia's busiest shopping strip Pitt Street Mall.  Scotch lovers, first time tasters and gift-givers alike have been able to step into and immerse themselves in the luxurious world of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. 

Johnnie Walker Blue Room 2.png

Whether it’s a quick break from Christmas shopping, searching for a thoughtful gift, a desire to strengthen your whisky knowledge or simply partake in a whisky masterclass andritual serve, The Johnnie Walker Blue Room is an opulent oasis where you can reprieve from the city hustle and bustle and indulge in a moment of quiet luxury.

Over 7 weeks the Johnnie Walker Blue Room drove sales through immersive tastings & bottle personalisation, whilst building brand advocacy through unforgettable experiences. Importantly through every booking and form we captured 1st party data on engaged users to support ongoing relationships and loyalty.


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