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Our ‘Union’ is purposeful – we are not experts in everything and don’t profess to be, hence we have the best partners who are part of OUR Union to help answer any business challenge.

Where required and as part of the brief response process, we
will connect you with a wider network of subject matter experts as part of our union to ensure your business challenges and opportunities are at the heart of every decision. 


Nothing is more important to me than my family... and golf. I also do love a Bundy Dark & Stormy.

CEO & Founder

James Neale


I'm your cliche pom living on the Manly beaches. I'm also a wizard in the kitchen and can make a mean roast!

Managing Partner

Rosie Carter

I believe it takes a village.

I’m happiest with a tennis racquet in one hand and a champagne in the other.

Managing Partner

Growth & Client Strategy

Bree Mankin

Our Team

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